The auto-dimming rearview mirror is small unique mirrors that aid drivers in regulating the rear traffic lights, enhancing their safety while driving. Headlights from behind vehicles can make it difficult for drivers to see the road in front. However, auto-dimming lights are specially designed to help drivers by regulating the amount of light from behind.

A forward dimming mirror senses low ambient lights behind the car and consequently directs the rearview mirror to adjust for glare. The mirror then automatically darkens in proportion to the amount of rear light.


?There are varying different auto-dimming mirrors available in our Preferred Preowned North shop. Among the available features include a temperature and compass display, headlight control sensors, garage door openers, and auto driver interface. At Preferred Preowned North, we have found that sensors, circuitry, and controllers used in dimming light can be effectively merged with other options, which at the same time saves cost and space. Besides, it has been noted that drivers tend to look at mirrors more often than they do to instrumental panels.


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