If you use synthetic oil in your car, you might think that it can cause leaks to occur. However, this type of oil has been upgraded and often protects the interior components of your motor a bit better than conventional oils. Preferred Preowned North can assist with changing your oil and explaining the difference between the two types.

Another myth that you've likely heard is that additives that can be put in your oil are the same. However, there are a few different types of additives depending on the needs that you have for your car. Additives can be used to prolong the life of older motors or to keep pressure from building in your motor among other benefits for your car.

Changing your filter is important each time your oil is changed by someone in Colorado Springs, CO. The filter traps dirt and debris from the motor, and if it's left alone, then the debris can begin to build in your motor and cause damage to occur.

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