We at Preferred Preowned North want to help you be aware of your car's need for maintenance on its belts and hoses. These components are critical to your vehicle's proper operation.

Belts and hoses will be used in autos for the foreseeable future. Most vehicles have a timing belt and a serpentine belt. Every vehicle also has coolant hoses. Think of your timing belt as your engine's conductor. Without this belt, your engine's components will lose their tempo, and your car's symphony will unpleasantly stop. Your serpentine belt runs several of your vehicle's accessories. If you have climate-control features, you can appreciate this belt. Your coolant hoses transport antifreeze to keep your vehicle running in its safe temperature range.

Check your owner's manual for the recommended lifespans of your model's belts and hoses. Keeping up with these important components' maintenance could keep you out of the breakdown lane the next time you drive far from Colorado Springs.


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